Names and photos of drug lords in Sao Paulo
Nomes e fotos dos senhores da droga de Sao Paolo
Nombres y fotos de los senores de la droga Sao Paolo


1: Frank Emeka - Emeka Windulis Wilis, a Nigerian who lives in Sao Paulo

 Frank-Emeka-02.jpg (166742 bytes)

His Facebook site has many photos

Frank is responsible for many women in prison in Hong Kong for drug trafficking. He used a variety of names with them: "Marcelo Rodrigo", "Prince", "Tony", "Stanley"

This long letter in Portuguese from a Brazilian woman in prison in HK - describes how she was recruited in San Paulo by "Prince" (Frank Emeka) to take drugs to HK:

2016-11-15-inmate-01.jpg (562824 bytes)   2016-11-15-inmate-02.jpg (607842 bytes) 2016-11-15-inmate-03.jpg (578368 bytes) 2016-11-15-inmate-04.jpg (620751 bytes)

 2016-11-15-inmate-05.jpg (564053 bytes) 2016-11-15-inmate-06.jpg (619840 bytes) 2016-11-15-inmate-07.jpg (574351 bytes) 2016-11-15-inmate-08.jpg (596201 bytes) 2016-11-15-inmate-09.jpg (554401 bytes)

Frank hangs out at the Centro Commercial Presidente Mall which is a few doors from Galleria Do Rock Mall not far from Republica metro station:

2018-01-20-Centro-Comercial-Presidente-Sao-Paulo.jpg (133200 bytes)

Frank is often at a Nigerian canteen (in its mezanine floor) on the second top floor of the above Centro mall. As you look at the photo, the canteen is at the top right. Frank is well known and is regarded as the Big Boss of the Nigerian Drug Gang in Sao Paulo which daily sends drug mules to many parts of the world (including places with the death penalty) from Sao Paulo airport .... sometimes putting up to ten drug mules on one flight! I can understand how the overwhelmed airport authorities are unable to detect every mule who has drugs in their body, but I can't understand how it is that mules with one or even two kgs of cocaine in their luggage can escape detection by the x-ray equipment at the airport. The only explanation is corruption ...which is a common tactic used by the Nigerians in many parts of the world. In fact, such is the porous nature of Sao Paulo airport security that the vast majority of Latin American drug mules arrested at HK airport in the past few years, exited the continent with their drugs from Sao Paulo airport.


2: Cliff - A Nigerian who operates in Sao Paolo and HK

 Cliff-01.JPG (148773 bytes) Cliff-02.jpg (63240 bytes) Cliff-03.jpg (63542 bytes)

He recruited the writer of October 9 letter here (which has link to another story in which he features)


3: Daniel Ewuziel - a Nigerian who operates Sao Paulo, China, Hong Kong

Daniel-Ewuziel-02.jpg (185474 bytes)

He was seen in Sao Paulo on November 2, 2017 when he was with "Pedro" and "Jose" a they sent a woman to HK with drugs


4: Innocent Ebwo (Ebwu?/Egwo?, "Pierre Justice") a Nigerian Drug Lord based in Sao Paolo

 Pierre-Justice-01.jpg (98929 bytes)

One inmate in Hong Kong saw Innocent many times in Sao Paolo. He was a frequent customer of hers. She stayed for more than a month in a house where Innocent and two other men lived. He used the names "Tony" and "Pierre Justice". He took drugs to the house. He asked her to take drugs to HK. He has sent many drug mules to HK

This is "Austin", a friend of Innocent. Same inmate saw him in Sao Paolo and in Venezuela:

Austin-friend-of-Innocent.jpg (68622 bytes)

 Same inmate also saw this man in Venezuela, but she can't remember his name - "Fred"? "Peter"?

Fred-Peter.jpg (79646 bytes)

Man below is Innocent C. Joseph ("Innocent 2"!), also a Nigerian, a friend of Innocent Ebwo. Same inmate saw him many times in Venezuela. He often goes to Venezuela to recruit mules, especially women, for Sao Paolo. Maybe he also goes to Cambodia to receive mules:

 Innocent-C-Joseph-02.jpg (64244 bytes) Innocent-C-Joseph-01.jpg (20220 bytes)

Inmate's story, in Spanish, of how she was recruited is here (Feb 8) 


5:  "Nonso 1" (to be distinguished from Nonso 2, below) is a Nigerian  who is based in HK where he has a family but travels to Sao Paolo, Peru, Addis Ababa and other places. Known in Sao Paulo as Togo (where he has a wife - Mari Araujo - and small son). 

Nonso.jpg (49389 bytes)

He is the No. 1 Nigerian Drug Lord, the Big Boss, in Hong Kong. His names include "Frank" and  Frank De Governer. Apparently his HK ID card shows his name as "Christian XXXXX" 

Many, many inmates and others name Nonso as the one who arranged their drug muling trip, from overseas or locally. In some cases he was the one they were supposed to meet when they arrived from overseas. Like this poor guy from South Africa (Nov. 1) who names him. He is the main arranger of people from overseas ...everything is controlled by him...from Africa, from Malaysia, from Dubai, from Manila, from Sao Paulo. He is the Big Boss in HK.

Several prison inmates in Hong Kong are willing to testify how they saw Nonso in South America, in more than one country.

One inmate in Hong Kong says she was recruited by Nonso's G/F Sidarlen Oliveira who took her to Nonso who said "go to HK". Same inmate was also encouraged to go to HK by another friend of Sidarlen: Ana Lucia Guzmon. Inmate met Nonso on 3/F of Galeria Mall. He was with his African G/F "Honoru" and their little girl, aged about 3. (Sidarlen = "Honoru"?)

Using the name "Mono", Nonso was seen about 5 times June-July 2013 by another inmate in the Polvos Azules hotel in Lima, Peru. Inmate says Nonso speaks Spanish and that he asked her to go to HK to deliver drugs to a Mexican man in HK.  

Many inmates also say what is common knowledge on the street in Hong Kong: Nonso is an informer, of both HK Customs and the CID ....which is why they will not arrest him, which is why they will not conduct a "sting" operation against him. This whole business of being an informer is very disturbing. In order to get police/Customs protection for his drug business, he needs to sacrifice a victim or two each month ....set them they are caught by Customs/police ....for which  Customs/police get promotion. 

One inmate in Hong Kong says she saw Nonso at the AV Club in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

One inmate from Venezuela has most serious info re Nonso. She says that when she was three months pregnant and in urgent need of money, she applied on line for a job in a legal firm in Sao Paulo. But when she reached Sao Paolo, Nonso and another Nigerian locked her up for three weeks (a common practice of the Nigerians...locking people up and threatening their families until they agree to be drug mules). Each day for three weeks each of the two Nigerians raped her. If she hadn't already been pregnant, she would have become pregnant. Threats to the Venezuelan woman's family eventually made her agree to take drugs to Hong Kong ...tied to her legs


6: Nonso 2, Nonso Ofoha, "Chris Fashionn", "Frank", a Nigerian who was based in Hong Kong and travelled to Sao Paulo, but now seems to be back in Nigeria

Nonso-05.jpg (49533 bytes) Nonso-06.jpg (121757 bytes)

...and his friends:
Nonso-friend.jpg (93549 bytes) Nonso-Dotti-02.jpg (52326 bytes)

Nonso 2 and Nonso 1 were several times seen together in ....Sao Paolo....recruiting drug mules to go to Hong Kong! Many South American inmates in prison in HK for drug trafficking are willing to testify against them


7: A couple who live in Sao Paulo and who have assisted Frank Emeka, above, in recruiting many drug mules for Hong Kong: Saide Makalla Mohamad (born in Tanzania) and Renalyn Morales Bactol (from Philippines)

Renalyn is currently in detention in a Sao Paulo prison. Saide is currently living in Sao Paulo, after serving a short prison sentence.

Makallo-Saide-M-01.jpg (39483 bytes) Renalyn-Morales-Bactol-01.jpg (44346 bytes)

September 17, 2016
Letter from a Filipina in Brazil - describing how she was coerced by her Tanzanian partner, Saide, to take drugs to Hong Kong


8: Noble, a Nigerian living in Hong Kong who has travelled to Sao Paulo where he recruited at least one drug mule for Hong Kong. 

Noble.jpg (27827 bytes)


9: Solomon, a Nigerian based in Sao Paulo who travels to Venezuela and other places


The above people have definitely been to Sao Paulo. The people below might have been to Sao Paulo. If anyone has any info about them being in Sao Paulo please send to  Of course, the names they use are rarely their real names.


A: Benjamin, a Nigerian often seen in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


B: Diallo, a Nigerian based in West Africa



C: Eric Mansaray, a Nigerian based in Thailand, has links to Sao Paulo and South Africa

Eric-Mansaray (1).jpg (142430 bytes) Eric-Mansaray (2).jpg (221603 bytes)


D: Valentine Chuck (aka William, CK, VK, Sherif, Kingston, William K) - a Nigerian based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Ezeh-01 - Copy.jpg (45325 bytes) Ezeh-02 - Copy.jpg (50459 bytes)

He is from En Nugu, Nigeria.
Birthday: October 1975


E: Ezenwa Ifeanyi, a Nigerian who operates in Dubai and other places

Ezenwa-Ifeanyi-01 - Copy.jpg (124973 bytes)


F: Felix C. Nnadi (real name), a Nigerian based in Thailand. He recruits mules through social media

Felix-C-Nnadi-01.jpg (59206 bytes)


G: "IK", a Nigerian based in Thailand who travels to Kuala Lumpur and China. Responsible for a number of women in prison in Hong Kong

IK-01.jpg (32602 bytes) IK-02.jpg (108083 bytes)


H: Joe Chinedu, a Nigerian based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Joe-Chinedu-KL.jpg (76690 bytes)


I: Justine Eze, a Nigerian based in China and Hong Kong

Justine-Eze-01.jpg (90803 bytes) Justine-Eze-02.jpg (87838 bytes)


J: King Aziz Barry, a Nigerian who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but travels to China, HK and other places

King-Aziz-Barry-01.jpg (37081 bytes) King-Aziz-Barry-02.jpg (76174 bytes)

His Facebook page is here


K: Larry King, a Nigerian singer, based in Hong Kong

Larry-King.jpg (109454 bytes)


L: Pettterrrr, a Nigerian with connections in Dubai and Sao Paulo

Pettttterr.jpg (67831 bytes)


M: Frank Ukadike, real name Urbain Azowou(z?) a Nigerian who operates in China and Hong Kong with a Benin passport. ....and with links to Sao Paulo from where he arranges for people to receive parcels of drugs (... sometimes to set them sacrifice them)

Urbain.jpg (56090 bytes) Frank-Ukadike (1).jpg (35784 bytes) Frank-Ukadike (2).jpg (33150 bytes) Frank-Ukadike (3).jpg (23817 bytes) Frank-Ukadike (4).jpg (31768 bytes)



If anyone would like to provide more information to "name and shame" the Sao Paulo Nigerian Drug Lords, please email me:


My hope/wish is that the Sao Paulo Nigerian Drug Lords would be like Emeka in this story. One way they can make up for the evil they have done would be to help some of the families of drug mules....and/or help some of the 20,000 homeless and hungry people who sleep on the streets of Sao Paulo ever night.