Original Spanish version of this letter is here (March 13)

2016-03-13  Letter from a Peruvian woman in prison in Hong Kong for drug trafficking. Her story of why and how she came to HK:

Good morning and have a good day.

Thank you Father for your visit, it was nice. I ask God to forgive me for all my mistakes and give me other opportunity to make my life better from my mistake. I would like to go to the church and tell you my story and tell my story to people who will listen to me.

I want to tell you my story before i came to this place and how i got here, God forgive me.

I am from a Province in Peru called Huancayo, my mum works in the Chacra, all my family is a humble family, we work honestly without problems.

I have a small library shop, my sister and i work together from 8am to 5pm, from 6am to 9:30 or 10:30 i worked in the university.

In the other side of my shop there is a restaurant where a young man woks and is my friend, we were friends and i considered him as my brother, after a few years one day in August 2015 he said that his girlfriend traveled to HK and her friend paid all trip expenses, as ticket, supporting money and everything she needed, i responded to him,'that's god'.

In December 2015 he asked me if i would like to travel to HK, i was very excited about it and as a jocke i responded, ' you buy me the ticket and i will go' and we laugh a bit, then he said i will introduce you to my girldfriend's friend, she had 3 names.

We went out and in a bar he introduced me to her. She asked me would you like to travel, i responded, 'Yes', she said ok, is alright, you just have to swallow some small bags they will travel in your stomach, this is very easy, i will call my ex-boyfriend friend and he will make you some questions, i was surprised and i asked to myself is this true?

We left the bar and we said good by to her, i stayed with........ and i said to him i am frighten, then he said don't be frighten and repeated several times, nothing will happen, stay calm. I told him forget about that never will happen.

On the 05-02-2016, My Goodness i should break my leg and bite my tongue that way i could not walk and speak. She called me at that momnt i was with.......(him) it was at night and she said,' if you want to travel this 10-02-2016 to HK,( i covered my mobile and told him, she is asking me if i want to travel), i did not want to come to HK, but i couldn't say it, i asked him how do i say i don't want to quietly, my friend said say 'Yes' and i answer 'Yes'. Then she sai,d i will call you tomorrow wait forthe call, then i thought i will say it tomorrow because i am frighten,' i don't want to go', i said to my friend,and he said 'you go' but we could not talk much because we were inside of a car, with other friend and his girlfriend and they did not know anything about what was going on. They left me at home and my friend said we will talk tomorrow and they left.

On the 06-02-2016, A man called me.......he asked for my personal details and he said he was the friend of .........he asked me did she tell you?....i said 'yes', more or less i know, then he asked me if i could travel to Lima as soon as possible and his people will explained to you, he asked for a photo DNI (peruvian id). I gave him the photo and my personal details, he was nice to me and all this information supposed to be fo ar check up about criminal record. Then he asked me for my bank account which i didn't have one, i told him i don't have a bank account, he said go an open a bank account right now in the BCP Bank and then provideme with the account number. I went that afternoon to open an account in that bank.

Father i think this supposed to happen because i am sure it was Saturday and my sister don't work on that day, but she came to work that day, it was extrange to me as everything meant to be coming over here. Do you think God wanted me to come over here?, i will appreciate your answer to this question. Because i have doubts in my mind, my sister never works on Saturdays, however she came that day brought some things to organise in the shop. I continued during the night i met .......in my shop; my sister was gone, i told him about the bank, and he said maybe they have deposited some money because by then they had called me asking for my bank account number.

I received a message from the man telling me they have deposited money, i asked him what do i do with that money? then i received a message saying, buy a laxative and a limonade, i told my friend and he went with me to buy all the required.

Sunday 07-02-2016, i left my home but i had to go back because i forgot something, when i received a call from the man...... very crossed and annoyed, threathening me if i didn't return the money it will be charged double amount (200), double was 400 that for me was much money or i could come to Lima Capitalor they would do something to my family. I said i would like to speak with ...... and her phone was disconnected, then i called my friend.......and the phone was disconnected, then i thought about my older sister, then continue thinking they have people en Huacayo and they can do something to my family. Then in the afternoon i received other call saying to break the phone chip and change my phone number, then the voice said, calm down and you have to come to Lima and he was going to take control over everything and nothing wrong will happen, i asked for the address to go.

Next day, on the 08-02-2016, i met.......and said Monica does not have anything to do with you anymore, just go to Lima and there they will talk with you, tell them if you don't want to go, calm down go to pick up your passport and come back.

I went to apply for my passport and they didn't give it to me because i have a debt in the bank because i did not vote. The man called me if i got my passport, i told him what happened and he said go back tomorrow and do it again without delays.

09-02-2016, early in the morning i paid the debt to the bank and i got the passport in the afternoon, today he deposited 100 more for my ticket to Lima. I took the bus at night, before i told my friend.......i was still affraid, and he said one more time, calm down, if you don't want to go, just tell him and they won't push you to do anything you don't want to do, however don't eat anymore. Buy and extra ticket to come back home, i should in first place. I took the bus and left and i thought my God help me i am very frighten.

10-02-2016, When i arrived in Lima he asked me to take a taxi, he gave me the address and he said, my people will be waiting for you, take a photo of yourself to be identified, i took a photo of myself. I arrived to the address and i met a girl named Moira and the first she did was confiscating my mobile from me, she said, i have orders. I feel shaking, I went to a small apartment it was almost empty and i spent the whole morning waiting. After lunch they made me swallow some small bags with water i knew what the intended to do, i didn't eat for hrs an hrs. At the evening Moira gave me my mobile and the man said you have come to swallow this things, do it, i said to him i can't i have sore throat, i won't go, i can't, gave him the mobile and i heard when he said put more pressure then abusive language. I could swallowed just one because i started vomiting and couldn't swallow more.

11-02-2016, Early in the morning one of the girls scaped from that place, the man called angry and ordered to count his money, a man came, he was called 'Negro' and said, 'do what he asks you to do' because if you don't do it your family will suffer the consequences, i was tortured with those words, i tried not to listen the man, i asked him what happened and the man said 'Nothing' if i tell you they will kill you and me. I spent tragic several days, it was horrible until the 15-02-2016 that i left. I don't have more paper Father to continue with my story. I was threated if i did not swallow the bags my family would take the consequences of my actions. I pray God for help, i just want to go back home.