September 17, 2016 Below is a letter from a Filipina in Brazil - describing how she was coerced by her Tanzanian partner to take drugs to Hong Kong.

Since writing the letter, the Filipina now knows that her partner has sent other women to Hong Kong. Therefore she has authorised me to publish not only the story below, but also her partner's name and photo - in the hope that he will be stopped from recruiting more women as drug mules. Here is his photo - and that of a Filipina accomplice. His name is Makalla Saide Mohamad (also known as Marcelo Rodrigo, Tony, (Junior?), Stanley) (born in Tanzania). His accomplice's name is Renalyn Morales Bactol from the Philippines. They are business partners. They hang out in a club called Love Story, near Galeria Mall, in the Republica district of San Paulo


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Renalyn is/was a girlfriend of Cliff who is (often) in HK:

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It was Cliff who recruited the writer of the October 9 letter here:

Dear Saide and Renalyn and Chris, hope you will get out of the drug business and then do something good to make up for all the harm you have done. See this story (... about a Nigerian guy you know ....)